Monday, July 27, 2015

Pics of the week.

I'm loving my kids' ages at the moment. Isaac is a trooper and is starting to be more well behaved for fun outings. We took advantage of the kids bowl free program this last week. Isaac was so excited to participate and I was surprised that not once did he try to run down a bowling lane!
How cute is my little workout buddy?!
Eli and I celebrated ten years of marriage this week. He got me these adorable spoons!
I found a groupon deal to the Children's museum in Olympia and was so excited to go check it out. It was Amazing! The girls loved the huge art studio and Isaac LOVED the outdoor gravel pit.
I wonder how much longer they will fit in a tub together...
My little Friday night lounger...
our neighborhood had a community garage sale on Saturday. We participated with a handful of items and a lemonade stand. Too bad it was a cool drizzly day...not many lemonade sales. :(
Mr. Handsome waiting for church to start.

Monday, July 20, 2015


A little of this and that. Mosey-ing our way through summer.
The girl's went to BOOM camp last week at our church. I was a bit nervous on how they would like the boom factor to this VBS but they LOVED it and had a great time.
Our tile project has kind of gone beyond just that. I also painted our brick fireplace, Eli built a mantle for it, we fixed up our ugly door to the garage, and hung a new TV over the fireplace (still have to hide the cords and find a piece of furniture to hold it's accessories). It's silly but just having this modern TV makes me feel like a different person. We still won't have cable; but getting the big box TV out of the living room after 10 years feels strange. Speaking of the tile...we have to re-do probably most of the kitchen area and I think Eli wants to cry at the thought of it. We had a leaky dishwasher after it was put back in, and didn't notice the leak for two cycles. Water seeped under the tiles and loosened them. Not awesome. Hopefully we can save the tiles and just lift them up and reset them...Hopefully.

I took six kids down to the creek one afternoon. That was interesting! I also have to note because it's just hilarious, sleepovers are a tad different these days when the kids ask, " Is this toast gluten free?" "Do you have any lavender oil? It helps me fall asleep." Bahaha!!
Telling daddy about his day.
Eli and I had some time off together this last weekend, meaning the kids were at Grandma's. We hiked and slept!! It was amazing.
Sunday evening all the babes wanted to do was to snuggle, and so we did.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Boating on the 4th of July

The kids got their real first boating experience on the 4th. Papa Lee bought a boat a couple of months ago and took us for a spin! It was so much fun. The girls were even brave enough to ride the tube!! I was so proud of them. There were snacks on the boat, swimming around the boat and naps on the boat. It was perfect. After dinner and baths and a few kiddy fireworks the babes were wiped out. They went to bed before seeing a single big firework but I think the fun day made up for it.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Oregon coast

Beautiful house. Beautiful view. Some fog. Some sun. Warm sand. Sick Ayla. Sleeping 5 to a room. Creepy, fun tunnel. Caves. Sea lions. Digging with uncle Ty. Lots of games. Too much food. Wild, funny beach baby. Nap on the beach. Cuddles with Aunt Donna. Lighthouse tour. Strange, enormous flocks of birds. My mommy. Long walks with my love. Blowing sand. Kite flying. Movies. Tillamook cheese factory. Laughing with family. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sometimes life calls for sitting in a bar...

Sometimes life calls for sitting in a bar with friends and taking guns to the woods to shoot stuff. We had planned a grown-up gettaway (long drive, long scenic hike, camping) with some besties but life happens. Deb's mom has been fighting cancer for a few years and is beginning to dwindle. It has been a very hard process for them and absolutely breaks my heart.  They still wanted to get away, just not too far. So we improvised and of course had a great time.

Caption this, Deborah. :)

Then we had Father's Day!!
My babies are lucky to have the amazing love of this man. 
And I love my Daddy.
The End.