Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Break

Spring Break was wonderful. The weather was great and it was nice not having to rush to preschool or the Y for a week. Actually our break has extended into this week too because miss Ayla is pretty sick. She has had cold like symptoms on and off for a couple weeks and came down with a fever on Monday. We are off to get x-rays in just a bit to see if it might have turned into pneumonia. :( :(

My dad is building us a pretty awesome garden and one day of break the girls just hung outside with him and Ayla shoveled dirt for literally three hours!! She had so much fun! 
Another day we had friends spend the afternoon and the kids ran in the backyard all day. 
This is the face of a baby who wants to crawl sooo badly but can't quite figure it out!
Wednesday of break we headed to the zoo, sans Ayla. She was super tired and opted to stay home with Papa Lee and sleep!? So sheila and I took the others and Sheila's exchange student. It was Isaac and Tamyi's first trip :)

Ayla felt better the next day and was fine over the weekend. We even went to a bounce house place, to lunch with Eli on his break at work, shopping and to church. I'm praying her fever breaks soon. It has been three days now.
In other news. This boy requires a bath after almost every meal. He has been sleeping horribly so I decided to quit feeding him in the middle of the night because really the nights couldn't get any worse. Two nights ago was our first shot at no 1 am feeding and he woke a few times but we let him figure it out and he didn't cry long. Last night he slept for 10 hours straight without a peep!!! This is his new personal record!! I am praying that this will be our new normal. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Around the house.

Well we moved. Almost two months ago! We are in a new city (one that I hardly knew existed before we moved here!). It has been a busy couple of months!! Moving with kids is a little crazy. Then we also didn't really realize just how DIRTY this house was until we were in it! Like filthy. Like we don't think they ever cleaned, maybe ever. But hey the previous owners had SEVEN kids and I just found out homeschooled all SEVEN kids in this place. So with that many kids running around all day every day; I will cut them a little slack for it being so dirty. But just a little because I am still cleaning dirt that they left behind...
Anyhoo. We believe that God hand picked this house for us. Looking back, it is amazing how many things lined up for us to have this particular one. From the type of loan we were able to qualify for, to the timing of our offer and acceptance and timing of our closing, to the sellers leaving us a note saying they had been praying for us. We were pretty much in awe. I'm not even kidding, the day after we moved in, I walked out the front door to a full rainbow hovering over our street. We have been blessed and believe that God has given us this home at this time for a specific reason. Part of that reason has been made pretty clear and part we are excited to discover still. The part we know is that we will be homeschooling the girls probably at least for a few years and then will see where God leads from there. This house just happens to have a large bonus room that will make a perfect homeschool room. ( I might have told God before that I couldn't homeschool unless I had a room dedicated to that purpose. Bam!!!) 

So here are some picture from around our home...

The girls LOVE their new backyard. 

Silly baby loves his puppy all of a sudden. 
Cousin Jack came to visit. 
Here is our kitchen before. 

Our kitchen during...(it was torn apart for a good 3+ weeks). 

The kitchen today. Not quite complete still but so so much better. 1000x's cleaner. We still have some crown molding to put on the cabinets and a few other detail things...and then lighting, counter tops, flooring and stove! Ha!!!!
Here we are! Somedays it is hard to look past all of the work that still needs to be done and how far it seems at times from the places we are used to going. Overall though we are happy here and we are growing to love this place. There are some little things that make me happy like the garden window in the kitchen, the cherry blossom tree in the backyard, the garden being built. It will be a fun home for our babies to grow in. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Then this happened.

Ayla had her very first school which she didn't participate!! Haha!!! Well I guess she stood on the stage but not one word of the 9 songs she learned escaped from her lips.
Instead she blushed, folded her arms, smiled, played with her hair, tried to tie a bow on her dress...oh well. She was still pretty cute and wasn't the only non-participant. 
She is so proud of this body bag she made in class, which was the theme of the program. 
It was such a fun family day. Eli took the day off and got to hang with us on one of our "normal" days, which meant he got to come to the Y to watch the girls' classes there too. 
He was especially impressed by Ayla's swimming. Have I mentioned my baby can swim?!?? Like actually swim. She is so big. 
AND she is reading!! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This happened.

My baby big girl lost her very first tooth!! She was sooo excited! I had made a little tooth pillow last year when I was pregnant, because I knew the day would be here before we knew it. She went to bed last night with her little baby tooth tucked in the pocket of this pillow and woke up to a pocket full of quarters. She was thrilled and insisted that I took her tooth and gave her money. It was actually Eli that did it so I was able to swear it wasn't me! She was so sweet and confused :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Isaac :: 7 months

Oh boy. It has been a marathon of a month with you. You are teething, super constipated, had a cold and have been forced to cry it out a few nights, while learning to sleep unswaddled. Poor baby. 
Your mommy is tired. Lucky for you, you still manage to somehow get cuter and cuter. Despite some cranky days, you are still my silly, smiley baby. 
You are 27+ inches and 18+ pounds. That is only 50-75th percentile making you our smallest far.
You cruise all over the living room in your walker and are even starting to get into mischief, grabbing at outlets, taking sisters' toys off their train table, aggravating them by running into them when they play on the floor, trying to grab at fire wood.
 You sit up like a big boy in the bath now and demand to get in when really it's just supposed to be the girls' turn. 
You have a new interest in Abe. 
You love to swing outside in the baby swing and like going for walks around the neighborhood too. 
You are my little side kick and would be happy if I just held you all day long. 

This is your 'No more prunes, juice or water, for the love!!' face. Sorry buddy, just trying to get you flowing again. I love you mister. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Addy Grace in the back seat.

Adelyn: "Mom, I just wish God would make my owees better. "

Me: "Well why don't you pray and ask him to?"

Adelyn: "Nooo, I don't know how!"

Me: "You know how to talk honey, so just talk to God. "


Adelyn: "God?! I just want my owees to get're a good guy God........and sometimes I make you happy and sometimes I make you sad....... And some times I'm happy and sometimes I'm sad when I have owees....... Please make my owees better. 

(Long pause) 

Adelyn: " Mom, He didn't answer."

Me: "Just be patient babe and keep listening."

Friday, March 7, 2014

I dont even know

Burning scrambled eggs, crying baby, yelling coming from the bathroom, "mom, I'm done!" All at the same time and before 8 a.m. This after night number 92ish of restlessness, nursing baby, bed wettings...
I often wonder if people who see me in public often (preschool moms & ymca goers) wonder why I never get dressed or fix my hair. Please, if you do happen to catch me on a day that I am not wearing sweats or yoga pants or that my hair isn't straight from the shower wet, please congratulate me. Give me a high five. Tell me how great I look that day. Even if I only managed dry hair and jeans. Because that morning was a success and really I feel that I deserve a medal. 

Three kids is work! It is more work than like actually leaving the house to go to a job everyday, work! But I wouldn't trade being with these precious people for anything. Though I do look forward to the day when I get up in the morning and don't immediately start thinking about the next opportunity I will have to TRY to sleep. I really appreciate sleep yet I know the days with these crazy faces so small are numbered, so I am trying to enjoy :)