Monday, May 25, 2015

Life be busy.

We have had so many new, busy, change, things happening. So much so, that I let my little brain get a bit overwhelmed. So we woke up this last Friday morning and I knew I was done with school, for the year.
The girls weren't too dissapointed with my decision. We only skipped a few things in the last week of our curriculum. These kids will continue to read and work on math and phonics during the summer too.
Also on Friday, we decided to buy a new (old) car! So now we are hoping our previous/current one sells quickly. To say Isaac was excited to hang out at a car dealership for a few hours, would be an understatement. He was in heaven!! At one point he didn't know how to contain himself so he ran around and head butted each car. Oh boy.
We also did this to our home this weekend. Removing linoleum to replace with tile is not an easy task! Eli and I demolished for hourrrrrrs. I'm so excited for this project to get done! We lived on the nastiest carpet in the whole world (thanks to the previous owners of this place) and waited an entire year before we got it out of the house! Thinking about it makes me want to cry. Seriously. If shag carpet looks dirty and stained from the top side, the underneath will make you lose your lunch.
We learned about metamorphosis in school and watched caterpillars become butterflies. We then got to release the butterflies into the wild. It was so much fun! 
Oh! The girls also finished their very first year of Awana! They enjoyed it so so much and we are already signed up to do it again in the fall.
We ended our long weekend with dinner cooked over a fire, playing, and relaxing with the kiddos after a super busy time. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's day weekend.

It was such a sweet weekend. We want our kids to learn to love hiking as much as we do. So we planned a short hike for them with friends on Saturday. It was a success! Adelyn, who usually requests to be carried halfway around our neighborhood, made it probably over 2 miles and was leading the pack! It was an awesome relief!  The waterfall on the hike was AMAZING. We will go back.

Sunday, my mom came over for breakfast, cooked by Eli. Then her and I took the afternoon off and did a little shopping and relaxing. We ended the day with a bbq with Sheila. It was a perfectly sweet day.I am one blessed mommy and have two super mom's in my life to look up to.

Monday, May 4, 2015

A fun week!

We had such a busy, fun time last week!
The kids and I woke up Monday morning and headed to the zoo. The weather was perfect and an old friend ended up joining us there!

A fun sciency play experiment.
A trip to a park after a doctor's appointment.
Isaac doing some "essise" with me.
Baseball games!!
A play date with some of our Bffs.
Over the weekend I got to snuggle the two newest men in my life! My brother's week old baby and my friend Beckys brand new babe. They are both SOOO perfect and adorable. I think I'm going to need to see them again very soon..newborn snuggles are addicting.
Eli and I also enjoyed a bit of time alone this weekend! We watched movies, ran errands, and went on a bike ride. It was our first ride maybe ever. It was such a fun time!! We biked from our little town to the next one (15 miles round trip) stopping for a light breakfast and to throw rocks in the river. The bones in my rear are so sore today! As fun as it was, I think we will stick to hiking!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our very first game.

Ayla is playing baseball!! It is our very first sport and it was all her choice. I think it was a perfect choice for a sweet, shy little girl. She has had a few practices and hasn't been too excited about it. Then last night was the first game and she said she didn't want to play. Well, of course she did play and had a great time! She was all smiles afterwards and is looking forward to Thursday's game. 

Here's Ayla waiting to bat.
Here's Ayla at the plate.
Here's Ayla swinging at the ball.

Here's Ayla hitting the ball.
Here's Ayla on third waiting to run home.
And here she is making it home. 
Go baby girl! 
She told me after the game that baseball is her favorite sport :) She is pretty good at it!
And here is what the other two do during the around crazy and maybe try to escape?!
I love these two together. Sports in this family are a whole family affair. I think my grandparents were at every game that I ever played and I'm sure this Grandma will attempt the same.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Minor Details

Isaac runs/walks our entire neighborhood now (probably .8 miles) and begs to keep going!! Boy likes to go for walks!
We went to the Daffodil Parade last weekend and froze, but had a great time!
Parade souvenir.
The girls got the first season of The Little House on the Prairie in their Easter basket. It  has been so much fun to watch it as a family. Even the boys like it! Isaac sits still longer for this show than for any cartoon!
Speaking of Isaac...he kills me. He is the biggest flirt and charmer ever and especially likes to catch the attention of complete strangers.
Neighbor puppy snuggles are awesome because you can give the puppy back!! Ayla is not too fond of Hunter at the moment after he popped her ball and bit a hole in her pants...
Ayla is happy about her first baseball practice! She was a brave girl and did well!! How many hours will we spend on a field /court from here on, I wonder?