Thursday, September 3, 2015

First day of school!

Well, we started school! September 1st sounded like a good day and the weather has been rainy all week, so why not!?
Last year on the first day, I came out dressed as a "teacher" this year I thought I should be silly-er. The girls were so amused. This will definitely be my last year for dressing a part. Ha!
The girls were excited to get busy! Isaac was excited to cause trouble.
He participated quietly a few times.
But mostly, he did this.
And this. All within one whole hour of school.
Somehow throughout the day we managed to get everything that I had planned, done. We just took LOTS of Isaac breaks. I'm thinking we will have to utilize his nap time this year.
We also looked bored during a board game, and jumped on the new trampoline in between rain showers. Thank God for the trampoline.
We finished the day with some home ec. We made muffins, pizza for dinner and breakfast sandwiches for daddy to take to work.
Whew. It was a long first day and I think we will take a long weekend :)

Monday, August 24, 2015


My last baby is TWO!! Whaaaahaaaa!!
On his actual birthday I took the kids to the zoo, and took selfies...haha! When Eli got home we had dinner then went out for ice cream and to the park.
We celebrated Isaac and Eli's birthdays this last weekend with a big at home party. Last minute I decide on decorating according to one of my favorite kids books, Little Blue Truck. It's about an old blue truck and some farm animals helping a dump truck that is stuck in the mud.
At the end of the book Little Blue Truck gives all the animals a ride home. So we made this little photo booth. I think it turned out so cute!
Unbeknownst to me, one of my besties had a little blue truck party for her two year old boy just a couple of months ago! We were unable to attend last minute and hadn't seen a single picture. When she came over and saw our party she pulled up pictures on her phone and we died laughing! So we took a picture together in the truck.
Uncle Bob humored me with this one :)
After the party, Eli and I took a turn in the photo booth. Too bad my rear end is hanging out the side!
Isaac with some party buddies.

Two of my dearest friends with our youngest.
Oh look, fire! I think I will touch it!
Eli and I had the girls spend the night at Grandma's the night before the party and surprised them with a trampoline when they came home. It is a gift for all of their birthdays which are fairly close together. They lOVE it and the cutest thing in the world just might be a two year old boy on a trampoline full of balloons!